Enums: Tabs

Use these tab helpers for quickly configuring the position or rendering of the elements.


Defines the placement of a tab items.

  • TabPosition.Top Top side.
  • TabPosition.Bottom Bottom side.
  • TabPosition.Start Start side.
  • TabPosition.End End side.


With TabsRenderMode you can control how the tabs content will behave. For example you can postpone rendering until the tab is selected or you can just render them all at once.

  • TabsRenderMode.Default Always renders the tabs html content to the DOM.
  • TabsRenderMode.LazyLoad Lazy loads tabs, meaning each tab will only be rendered/loaded the first time it is visited.
  • TabsRenderMode.LazyReload Lazy loads tabs everytime, meaning only the active tab will have it's html rendered to the DOM.
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