Blazorise Documentation

Get started with Blazorise, one of the world's most popular Blazor framework for building feature rich, blazing fast applications.

Blazorise consists of modern UI components with customizable styling, comprehensive documentation, UI design assets, and the tooling you need to build a solid foundation for your applications.

On these pages you will find everything you need to create a single-page application.

Getting started

Quickly get a project started with any of our examples. This quick start guide will take you through the downloading and getting started with the Blazorise.

The best way to round up the whole story is to see the Blazorise in action.


Another way to quickly get started is to use our provided Templates. Please visit our templates guide for more information about downloading and quickly getting started with a Blazorise Template.


Go through the Components section to learn how to work with some essential Blazorise elements.

Live Demo Applications

You can browse our demos-oriented samples showcasing all our control's significant features.


Stay up to date on the development of Blazorise and reach out to the community with these helpful resources.

You can also follow @Blazorise on Twitter for the latest news and other interesting stuff.

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