Enums: Tooltip


Defines the placement of an element.

  • TooltipPlacement.Top Top-center side.
  • TooltipPlacement.TopStart Top-left side.
  • TooltipPlacement.TopEnd Top-right side.
  • TooltipPlacement.Bottom Bottom-center side.
  • TooltipPlacement.BottomStart Bottom-left side.
  • TooltipPlacement.BottomEnd Bottom-right side.
  • TooltipPlacement.Left Left-center side.
  • TooltipPlacement.LeftStart Left-top side.
  • TooltipPlacement.LeftEnd Left-bottom side.
  • TooltipPlacement.Right Right-center side.
  • TooltipPlacement.RightStart Right-top side.
  • TooltipPlacement.RightEnd Right-bottom side.


Determines the events that cause the tooltip to show.

  • TooltipTrigger.MouseEnterFocus Tooltip will show on mouse enter and focus event (default option).
  • TooltipTrigger.Click Tooltip will show on click event only.
  • TooltipTrigger.Focus Tooltip will show on focus event only.
  • TooltipTrigger.MouseEnterClick Tooltip will show on mouse enter and click event.
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