Defines an element size.

  • None Don’t resize an element.
  • ExtraSmall Makes an element extra small size.
  • Small Makes an element small size.
  • Medium Makes an element medium size.
  • Large Makes an element large.
  • ExtraLarge Makes an element extra large.


Defines a button size.

  • None No sizing will be applied to the button.
  • Small Makes a button to appear smaller.
  • Large Makes a button to appear larger.


Changes the size of the modal.

  • Default Default modal size for current provider.
  • Small Small modal.
  • Large Large modal.
  • ExtraLarge Extra large modal.


Defines the size of the figure component.

  • None No sizing applied.
  • Is16x16 16x16 px
  • Is24x24 24x24 px
  • Is32x32 32x32 px
  • Is48x48 48x48 px
  • Is64x64 64x64 px
  • Is96x96 96x96 px
  • Is128x128 128x128 px
  • Is256x256 256x256 px
  • Is512x512 512x512 px
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