Blazorise Notification service

Notification service is used to provide feedback to the user.

They communicate information about activities, processes, and events in the application.

The INotificationService is built on top of Snackbar component and is used for showing simple alerts and notifications.

Quick Setup

To install and use Notifications you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Download from NuGet

Install extension from NuGet.
Install-Package Blazorise.Components

Step 2. Define Usings

Since notification service is created as a wrapper around the Snackbar component so it is also required to define the namespace inside of your main _Imports.razor file.
@using Blazorise.Components
@using Blazorise.Snackbar

Step 3. Define wrapper component

INotificationService is automatically registered by Blazorise but it needs just one thing on your side to make it work. You need to place NotificationProvider somewhere in your application razor code. It can be placed anywhere, but a good approach is to place it in App.razor like in the following example.
<Router AppAssembly="typeof(App).Assembly">

<NotificationProvider />

Step 4. Static files

This step is only needed if you didn't already define any CSS files for the Snackbar component. Remember, The INotificationService is built on top of Snackbar.
<link href="_content/Blazorise.Snackbar/blazorise.snackbar.css" rel="stylesheet" />



Once you’re done you can start using it by injecting the INotificationService in your page and then simple calling the built-in methods.
<Button Color="Color.Warning" Clicked="@ShowWarningNotification">Show alert!</Button>
    [Inject] INotificationService NotificationService { get; set; }

    Task ShowWarningNotification()
        return NotificationService.Warning( "This is a simple notification message!", "Hello" );

Best Practices

Use Sparingly

Notifications are disruptive by design and should be used sparingly. Use fewer notifications by reserving them for more important information that may otherwise go unnoticed by the user.

Less urgent notifications can be provided through a link or drop-down in the application header or footer, instead of immediate notifications.

Limit Content Length

Aim for one or two lines of content. Notifications should be brief and to the point. More information can be provided through an embedded link or Button.

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